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Make sure your yard is free of mushrooms before toddlers and young children are allowed to roam the grounds. Some wild mushrooms can be extremely poisonous if eaten. It is very difficult to tell the difference between poisonous and harmless mushrooms.

“Old wives’ tales” and Internet tricks to determine edible from nonedible mushrooms are unproven and potentially dangerous. Many serious poisonings occur because of the inability to tell the difference between toxic and nontoxic mushrooms. Cooking does not inactivate all toxins.

If someone swallows a mushroom or toadstool:

  1. Immediately remove any remaining mushroom pieces from the mouth. 
  2. Save the other parts of the mushrooms for identification and so that you can accurately describe them to us over the telephone. Store the parts in paper, not plastic bags.
  3. Call NC Poison Control right away. Do not wait for symptoms to appear.


Call NC Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222 or chat from this site for further treatment advice.

Last Updated on 07/18/2019