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5 Ways You Can Celebrate National Poison Prevention Week, March 21-27, 2021


  1. Know when to call poison control and when to call 911.  A suspected poisoning doesn’t necessarily mean an emergency.  Toxicity is determined by the dose or amount.  This infographic can help you to take the best first aid steps in the event of a suspected poisoning.

  2. Review these common look-a-likes.  Young children can be attracted to the pleasing colors and smells of everyday products in the home.  Notice whether you’ve got colorful chemicals or medicines within reach of children and store these products up and away.  Click here to see the top substances involved in childhood poison exposures.

  3. Order a free poison prevention pack for you or someone you love.  Packs are available for a variety of ages and stages in life.

  4. Get rid of unwanted medicines through a take-back event, permanent drop box, or learn how to dispose of them safely at home.

  5. Program the poison control number in your phone (1-800-222-1222) or bookmark the NC Poison Control website to chat (



Anyone in North Carolina can order up to four free poison prevention packs from NC Poison Control. Visit our online store and order your packs.

We offer poison prevention information for a variety of audiences, including parents, babysitters, teens, senior adults, and Spanish speakers. We even have a poison prevention pack on preventing and treating snake bites.  

You can also call NC Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222 to order a free poison prevention pack.

Last Updated on 03/19/2021