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Mission Statement
To serve the people and healthcare professionals of North Carolina by providing information and assistance in the prevention, treatment, and surveillance of poisonings and overdoses.

NC Poison Control opened its doors in 1992 and provided service solely to Mecklenburg and surrounding counties. Dr. S. Rutherfoord "Ruddy" Rose served as the Center's first Managing Director, and Dr. Marsha Ford served as the Medical Director. They were assisted by three full-time and two part-time Specialists in Poison Information.

In September 1995, NC Poison Control became the designated state poison control center for North Carolina and expanded its coverage area to the entire state. NC Poison Control is currently one of 55 poison centers in the United States and is certified by the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC). Today, Rebecca Rembert serves as Director of Business Operations and is joined by two Medical Toxicologists, a Doctor of Pharmacy, and over 20 Specialists in Poison Information.  

Last Updated on 09/21/2021