The NC Poison Control  has poison prevention videos for all ages. Click on the links below to view the videos.  


A 30-second PSA describing how anyone,
including parents with young children,
can now chat with the NC Poison Control.



 A 30-second PSA describing how anyone,
including adults who've had a medication mistake,
can now chat with the NC Poison Control.



Watch this PSA highlighting our 25 years of
service to NC and hear from our nurses about
what makes this job rewarding. 



One of our nurses talks about how she helps
parents with young children in this short PSA. 



One of our nurses discusses why you
can feel safe calling the NC Poison Control.


A nurse and a toxicologist share how we
provide fast and free help. 


A 30-second PSA that addresses 
the problem of medicine sharing.



Learn about who NC Poison Control serves, 
different types of poisons, and how to reach us.


A fun, interactive video for preschool children.



Entérese de qué se trata El Centro de
Envenenamiento de las Carolinas,
de los diferentes tipos de
venenos que existen, y de cómo puede
comunicarse con nosotros. 



Watch this short video to learn
why you should program
the toll-free Poison Help number
(1-800-222-1222) into your phone. 


Poison prevention education for adults.



Mire este breve video para
saber por qué debe programar
el número gratuito de
Poison Help (1-800-222-1222)
en su teléfono. 


Un programa educativo
para adultos que puede
salvarle la vida.